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Is Vaping Safe? Your Vaping Questions Answered!

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This is probably the best answer I've ever seen to the accusation that "vaping contains chemicals so it must be dangerous!" Its kinda long, but terribly informative! Share where you can!

Everything you eat, drink or breathe is a chemical. Some chemicals are harmful, most are not. Lemme break down what's in vape juice for you:

Propelyne Glycol: sounds scary! But it isn't. This is the main ingredient in asthma inhalers. It's been proven safe for human consumption.

Vegetable glycerine: sounds scary! But it isn't. It's organic, made by every plant on earth through photosynthesis. Even vegans approve of consuming vegetable glycerine!

Nicotine: DEFINITELY SOUNDS SCARY!!! Although nicotine itself is not a carcinogen. Aside from tobacco, there are other plants that contain nicotine, including eggplant and tomatoes. Is that why I love ketchup so much?

Flavorings: that... actually doesn't sound very scary at all, and it shouldn't. The flavorings used in vape juice are not custom made for vaping, they're the same flavorings used in cakes, candies, beverages, cookies, etc. They have all been previously approved for human consumption when created for their originally intended uses.

BUT WHAT ABOUT POPCORN LUNG?!?!?! Another solid question! Popcorn lung is caused by prolonged exposure to huge amounts of a chemical called diacetyl. Vape juices that use it do not contain anywhere near enough diacetyl to cause a problem (it would need roughly a thousand times more parts per million to give you popcorn lung after 30 years or so). Think about it like this: doctors say that you should drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day, right? So 64 ounces. If you drank a thousand times that much every day, you would die in much less than 30 years (that's 500 gallons a day!). Almost everything is harmful in insanely high doses. That being said, diacetyl is not required to make vape juice, and most companies don't use it any more.

BUT BATTERIES EXPLODE ALL THE TIME!!! Actually, no they don't. The reason you see it on the news when it happens is because its rare. If it happened all the time, it wouldn't be news! Besides, batteries only vent when they're used horribly improperly. For example, if you put a battery in your pocket with your keys and spare change, its possible that the metal in your pocket can connect the positive and negative terminals, which causes the battery to short out. This isn't really a danger of vaping, all batteries will do this if used incorrectly. This argument is essentially the same as saying that watching television is dangerous because if you cut the power cord and stick it in your mouth, it'll electrocute you.

IF ALL OF THIS STUFF IS TRUE, WHY ARE WE HEARING SO MUCH BAD STUFF ABOUT VAPING FROM THE GOVERNMENT? Well, because you live in America. Many European governments have a very different stance on vaping. The Royal College of Physicians in England, for example, has recommended that vaping be prescribed to smokers as a healthier alternative that is more likely to help them quit smoking for good than gum, patches, etc. The difference in America is that the government has a vested interest in keeping you smoking. Back in 1998, the American government made a deal with the tobacco companies that basically said that even though their product is killing people, they would be allowed to continue selling it as long as they gave a cut of their profits to the government. Google "tobacco master settlement agreement" to learn more. The real problem came shortly afterwards, when the government borrowed money using their TMSA payments as collateral. Fast forward several years to when these loans came due, and there are less smokers (and therefor less TMSA money) than the government expected. Since they borrowed against that money, they still have to pay it back but do not have the income they expected to do so because so many American smokers have converted to vaping since the money was borrowed. So the American government needs people to keep smoking so they can repay their loans, which makes vaping their enemy.

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